Happy Thanksgiving

On this Thanksgiving i am thankful that I have the strength and energy to work with all of the dogs that I do, I am thankful that I have found my passion to be in the business of saving dogs lives.

This is Willy, he lives down the street from me, his dog has never gone on a walk or even been off his property before meeting me. Blue would go after everything that moved both dog and human. When I walked into the house, Blue went after me, good thing for muzzle. On day 1 I taught Willy how to properly walk his dog so he would have 100% control of him. Willy has not stopped since our first meeting.

A new dog came in yesterday and she is up for adoption, she is a 3.5 yr old female black lab. She is fully trained and housebroken, we will work with her for a few weeks polishing up her skills.