Racial Profiling

I realize that racial profiling is a big issue around the country, and I absolutely do not agree with it, I don't understand how anyone can pick out on the basics of color and group them together and beleive they are all the same.

We call this a "red light" training system and if any of you have been to the red light district in Amsterdam you will understand the power of this training

It is great having my stable pack and I use them for all different things. Uma goes into a clients home to help with dogs in the PLACE command, the 2 dogs you see as of last week would not stay in the PLACE command without any distractions..having Uma come into their house and I had her walk around and they did not move at all.

After I worked the above 2 dogs in the hosue we did some social work outside

I have a great advertiser from my radio show who bartered with me for a wonderful granite bench. The kids got right on it and had Pumpkin up for some cuddle time.