Oh yeah, its cold

This morning was 22 degrees when the kennel opened up and I love this weather, being a backpacker and loving winter backpacking I enjoy the thrill of trying to stay warm. I make it a job requirement for all of my staff to have proper outdoor gear since we work outside most of the day. about 1/2 of our dogs need to wear jackets since they are breeds that don't have enough fur to keep them warm.

We also train all of our kennel dogs on the treadmill and I also train any of my clients dogs who have a treadmill at home to use them.

I have a wonderful client who has a young puppy and we did some great training at Lincoln Woods, her dog is only 14 weeks old and the dog is going on and above my training program.

This puppy is doing a rock solid sit/stay with my pack being a high level distraction.

I use my pack in so many different ways, socializing of my clients dogs. My clients love the fact that I have dogs that can be used to make there dogs better.

The gang is staying warm together. It is great to watch dogs from all different backgrounds and situations and they can all exist in my world. I learn so much from dogs and the intereactions that they have with each other and how they respond to the proper pack structure.

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