Proper Greetings

It is so important that dogs learn how to properly greet other dogs and people correctly, I find so many dogs have greeting issues and one of the benefits of having your dog stay at my board and train facility is that dogs are inandated with the skills that it will take to be in the world we live in and how to be a proper greeter.

this is Sasha and she is up for adoption, Sasha was in the play yard with other dogs and Clover called her over "Sasha, HERE!" Sasha ran over to her and sat down in front of her without being told, no jumping up, no mouthing, and no pawing of Clover. Then Clover proceeded to pet her on her terms, this is how a dog should greet a human no matter the age/gender of the human.


We had 2 new dogs come into the kennel yesterday, Ronan on the left and Lexi on the right, Ronan has a very interesting story, He is from Turkey and was sold to a 16 year old boy who proceeded to cut off the dogs ears with a pair of scissors, Kangal are used for protecting the sheep and the cutting of the ears has a purpose of keeping the wolves from grabbing on to them if there is a fight. This boy though did it so the dog would look cool and the dogs ears were terribly infected and in pain until the boy turned in the dog to someone in Germany known as The Kangal Lady, the woman nursed the dog back to health and a family in MA adopted him. He is a very skittish and nervous dog and has become unpredictable. So he is with me for a 2 week board and train and is going to have his true spirit unleashed.

On day one Ronan is working on his downstay with a high level of distraction, the other dogs are running around the play yard. One of the issues is that Ronan is a little skittish around other 5 minutes into training we are making some great progress.

Ronan rocking a great downstay in the play yard

So Clovers first question when she sees a new dog is "Does this dog bite?" I told her I did not know, so her reply "Well, I'll pet him and find out" Clover is only 5 and just writing this makes me cry, I am so proud of her connection to dogs. She helps save the lives of so many dogs it is incredible. She could teach 99% of those food/clicker dog trainers out there how to real train a dog.

What does a home shooled dog training kid do when she want to take a break from school and dog training and it is 22 degrees outside...Climb a tree of course