Training around the icicles

Our New England Weather has started, getting below freezing on our property. Our heated water buckets are plugged in and the dog jackets are on. The dogs love working out in the cold and they get plenty of breaks in the heated kennels. It seems that everyone likes my video blog from yesterday so I will start doing more of them. I am dabbling around with doing a dog related news show online where I can give my opinion on dog related news events around the world.


Lucy came into the kennel yesterday for a 2 week board and train, she is doing great and getting along wonderful with all of the other dogs, working on her commands and getting a great amount of exercise.


Lucy is making some great friends with Lexi another board and train dog.We always let the small and big dogs play and work together, we find that it is owners who get nervous about this. When you have a stable pack structure and a defined set of rules like we do, it does not matter the size of the dogs.


Ronan is in a rock solid Down/Stay while Clover and Romy take a break from homeschooling, they are a great distraction for Ronan, he nees to stay in command no matter what is going on with the kids. He is a wonderful dog that came over from Turkey and was adopted by a great family in MA and is very skittish though,. So with my training methods of never avoiding issues, we put the dogs in down/stay or place and flood them with the things that make them nervous, having a default obedience command then forces the dogs to deal with there issues, they get over them within is an incredible training system that is based on the dogs gentic makeup to survive in the wild under extreme circumstances, it is not based on bribery or punishment but on real world training.

Ronan in a downstay while the staff rakes up leaves on the property..he is getting very comfortable around all distractions.

Lexi in a downstay while we go about our business of training other dogs, the benefit of our kennel is we can work more than one dog at a time, giving different dogs different commands and they have to pay attention to the command that is given to them.