Lucy........I'm Home!!!!!

Lucy came to us with some behavioral issues this week and has been doing great all week. She does great with alll of the big dogs as well. Her best friend is actually Lexi on of the biggest dogs on the property.

Yesterday, at 7am before the radio show I met one of my clients at Lincoln Woods for some off leash work with her puppy

What a wonderful time that we had with her 14 week old dog, this was the first time working on off leash recall and also the first time utilizing an e-collar..we achieved 100% recall every single time


Ashley calls her dog over to her from 20 feet away at the beach, and her puppy turned on a dime and came happily running to her.

This is the distractions that her dog had to train with 3 other dogs running around having a great time with her and she had to break away from the fun and come running to her owner..and she did it 100% of the time dozens of times..the power of off leash e-collar training with my training system...