Cold, not really if you are a polar bear.

We live in New England, it is so important that we exercise our dogs in all weather and temperatures. Our dogs need exercise daily both mentally and physically, I suggest that all of look into getting a treadmill. I train dogs on them every day.


this dog started on the treadmill last week and within 1 week this dog is walking on the treadmill without a leash. It is a great exercise and training for your dog to learn this important skill.

Lucy is in PLACE in my office while Uma also hangs out. I always have dogs in my office doiing commands while I am getting work done


Sandy and Lucy in Place im the inside training area. dogs are constantly worked inside and outside around as many distraction as possible.

Ronan in a down/stay while Linda helps Clover and Romy with schoolwork. Linda homeschools the kdis and they have such a great environment to learn so much about life

Buddha is one of the staffs dogs and has come so far just being around the kennel