Off leash snow fun

After a worked at a clients house, I took advantage of the surrounding area and had some off leash fun with Max, Uma and Roca.

Max breaking trail up a hill, it is incredible the true happiness that comes out of dogs when they run off leash.

Max, Uma and Roca work really well as a pack, Max is my herder and will make sure that all dogs stay close by, Roca loves to explore, he comes back 100% of the time on command. Max feels that he should not run far from the pack so he will often chase after him and drive him back to us.

Roca with his spirit unleashed, lives for the winter months..sleeps outside and lays in the snow all day when not out working with me

This is a great picture of Max just waiting until Roca gets a certain amount of distance before he takes off for him to drive him back to me.

Romy and Clover with their American Girl Dolls, the dog they have is Tatlo and has a travois that carries all of the bear rugs and teepee supplies, nothing like a good working dog for the American Girls