Happy New Year

It has been an incredible year, I have so many photos from this week that I have been waiting to get up.

Parker loves the snow and is also up for adoption

Bowie and Punkin get to know each other

I did a great off leash session on the beach today with 3 of my clients, a total of 7 dogs all on remote collars and all doing 100% recall, there was 2 dogs that were under 6 months old that also used this time to do some great dog/dog socialization

My pack loves going intot the ocean no matter what the time of year is. The small GSD you see in front of the young boy is only 6 months old, he comes to his young owner 100% of the time and never jumps on him.

Maggie with her 2 dogs having a great time, they have come so long in the few months that I have known her

The red seaweed on the beach covered the size of a football field and was a few inches deep, it was like walking on pillows, pillows smelling like fish that is

Bianca making snow angels in the snow

Bianca and Lily had a great time in the snow together. One of the nice benefits of my board and train program is the amount of play time that the dogs get with each other

all of the dogs had a great time today at the beach