Day one of Beans Training (video)

 We got a dog in from NYC yesterday and his first 24 hours have been filled with lots and lots of training.

The video below is from day one of training

Download now or watch on posterous

Beans_day_1_-_Medium.m4v (48677 KB)

With my training we don't repeat commands, so the command was given to Bean of DOWN, and he lays down, you see him get up about 1/2 way through the video and I say NO,which means put it in reverse and go back to what you were doing which is a Down, the 2nd time he breaks I had to start all over and did a film break. Clover and Romy usually are not allowed to run around the house screaming but for dog training they can. I need dogs to not go after fast moving and screaming chidren. I need them to ignore children running around.

Roca does some iceskating at Lincoln Woods today, it was quite cold and windy out, the dogs love it though, we did some great off leash work

the dog in the foreground is only 15 weeks old, this is our last training session, her owner is moving to SC this week. we started 6 weeks ago, the dog does a sit/stay, down/stay, place command, proper heel, is housebroken, has no seperation anxiety, does not table or counter surf, plays with other dogs nicely and is not afraid of big dogs. She also has 100% recall off leash, we have done all of this before the dog is 5 months old when most people don't eve think about training there dogs. The dog does all of the commands with distractions as well and as her owner continues to train her she will get better and better. Most dogs at this age are still just going to puppy kindergarten, why would you not want to train your dog from the minute you bring the dog home.