4lb dog with a 104lb attitude

Paco came over this afternoon for a little dog/dog socialization, he has a biting issue with humans as well as some anti social behavior with other dogs

The only answer for a dog that has dog/dog play and greeting skill issues is to bring in the big guns for such a large dog

Roca one of my best greeters with little dogs.

Roca I don't think you need to get up on the deck in order to tower over this 4lb dog, I think he gets the message

Paco!? Paco1? WTF Roca have you seen Paco, he was just right in front of you....

Look who got adopted out this week, Missy, she was in rescue for a long time, she finally found a forever home with a nice retired gentleman that has all day to hang out with her.

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Sandy on the treadmill all on his own, no leash, loving every minute of it