To NYC and Back

yesterday I headed down to NYC to deliver Bean to his owners  as well as to pick up 3 new dogs from clients to bring back for a 2 week board and train at the kennel.


Beans was all curled up on the front seat, I also took Max with me

the highway was pretty intense, slipper sleet and rain, I made it to NYC in one piece

This was typical of what I saw on the trip to NYC, a lot of people did stay off the highway, if you are not familiar with RI I live about 180 miles from Manhattan

When I got there I went to my first clients apt and I had one of the nicest surprises in a while

a wonderful new baby

I could not wait to grab this little baby and start feeding...using my magic Papa touch

I ended getting back at midnight long 18 hour day on the road, but it is always worth it to get dogs from my clients and start the training process