Dog Bites are part of the job

I got a nice dog bite the other day, I think this one brings it over 100 dog bites since I have been training dogs.

this one happened within the first 30 second of walking into a clients house, dog came rushing out of a bedroom, ran over to me and jumped up and bit me on the wrist , 2 nice puncture wounds. Oh well, after pouring some peroxide onto ithe wound and taping it up we started training the dog.

all of the dogs have been loving the snow, we work the dogs outside all day no matter what the weather is, they love it.

King has had a great first week with us, he will be working on doing some intense work on distractions, he is quite easily distracted and will break commands. on week 2 of dogs stays we can start upping the challenge with the dogs to make them work harder.


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