Winter storm just cannot stay away

More snow, rain and sleet have continued ot cover New England, and dogs still need to get trained everyday. The thing about dog training is that we have an obligation to the dogs on our property to work them hard everyday. If not they will not continue to grow in skill

KIng is winding down from his 3 week board and train program, he came to us a highly reactive dog that liked objecting to things he did not want to do by using his strong mouth and teeth on us. He has learned some great coping skills and a great baseline of commands in order to deal with the crazy world that we live in.

Jones, Tilly and Kali all in place or downstay in one of the training rooms

Kali is one of Big Mammas puppies that Andrea (staff) adopted

Ricky loves tennis balls

Jones had a great time on the treadmill, I have a short video of him up on my facebook fan page

Tilly is learning some great focus skills with us. She is trying so hard to get the work done. We are making great progress, I will have her at the RI Pet show this weekend doing dog demos with me.


Roca has been having a great time this winter, he is right at home with all of the snow.