Succesful filming is over

This has been an incredible weekend, a wonderful film crew was out this weekend to do 3 days of filming my life as a dog trainer, father, husband, business owner and radio host. This will lead to one of the most exciting TV shows very soon.

Sean O'Shea from The Good Dog in LA is part of the film crew and the canine technical advisor, was also a guest in the radio studio.

We did a great 8 dog off leash excursion at Goddard park and got some great filming in

can you tell which dogs have had there spirit unleashed

Tilly is up from NYC, his owners just had a baby and Tilly snapped at the baby, so we need to do some hardcore babyproofing, looks like things are working out pretty well...

At this weekends Pet Show, Clover helped out with all of the dog distraction training

Romy and Clover worked so hard this weekend, they deserved a much needed food break

Fabienne started working on her Dog Therapy training and had hundreds and hundreds of people petting her and she did great

Fabienne showed the crowd how to walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes