WE train hard and we play hard

we wake the dogs up at 6:30am and by 8pm they are dreaming up what a great day they had, in between all of the training there is plenty of time for play, we offer one of the most incredible balanced training programs available to dogs anywhere.

Kobe hanging out with Remy, Remy loves scratching his bag on the ramp.

Remy spends lots of time scratching his back, as Jabba, who came to us with lots of dog/dog aggression issues learns the skills of the play yard

Remy plays with his tire with Kobe

Jabba and Ronan play with Maxine who is only 14 weeks old and is learning the ways of the pack

Wtih Ronan on the property, looks like the 6 foot fence needs to go up a couple of feet this summer. Ronan is up for adoption and you can find his info on my Petfinder account

Kobe and Gemma play around with one of the many sticks in the yard