My Belly says "Sunday is Italian Day"

one of my clients this morning put a nice package of homemade Biscotti and this afternoon a client made me a wonderful sausage and pepper sandwich...what a very fulfilling day of eating.

yesterday I had a nice brainstorming session with Clover and Romy, it is time that they start helping me with my social media message, they have been training dogs for a few years and they need to participate a little more in the business

Romy has a good grasp of most Mac applications and her dynamic use of the trackpad is much better than mine

Picked up Brady, a dog that waas minutes away from not being around anymore..he bit me the first time we met last week, and on film no less, he was part of the filming that was going on from with me.

All of us our psyched to be working with this 170lb Bull Mastiff who likes to use his mouth inapropriately

Taken a page out of the educational system of down south in the 50's we have switched to color segragation of our play yard.....from 2-4pm each day we let the tan/yellow dogs out to the play yard

did some nice off leash training in the woods today after a clients, Ronan was with me and he is up for adoption as well