Awesome video of Clover abusing a dog

today was another great progress day.

Jabba on the left in PLACE and Bennie in a downstay in the office. Both dogs are learning some great calming & coping skills as well as the given obedience skills that is expected of them.


this is a quick video of Clover abusing a dog, this is a typical video of my training technique. Once you see this video you will fully understand why all of the Positive Reinforcement trainers do not like me, why they send my hatemail and even death threats. Ater viewing this video you will understand why it was necessary for them to call up the local office of the ASPCA and have them rush out to my property because I was abusing dogs. You will understand why they call my advertisers on my radio show, and even the GM of the radio station that I should be taken off of the air because I abuse dogs.

In the video you will see a abusive and mean dog trainer, you will see a 170lb dog that was destined to be killed for aggression issues, you will see the dog with a pinch/prong collar on which is mean and abusive and causes pain and instils fear in the dog. You will see Clover pop the leash in an upward way in order the dog to sit and then you will hear her say down and put her foot on the leash and slam the dog into a downstay using force and intimidation.

Download now or watch on posterous

IMG_0053.MOV (42772 KB)

I encourage everyone to send this post around to as many people as possible to show them the power of my training methods, which include pinch/prong collars and not using food, help me educate. 5 million dogs a year are being killed, and my daugter can save them if given the chance. Maxine and Kobe enjoying some free time in the play yard