End of the day in my kennel

I love closing down the kennel every night, as most of you know we do not have dog runs to keep dogs seperate. Though at night each dog does get its own sleeping quarters, we keep smaller dogs in crates since that is the most comfortable and efficient way. Some dogs are not housebroken yet or are having problems so we need to contain them in a smaller crate to help them out..During the day the dogs run, play and train though in a group. Some of the dogs you see in this video are highly dog aggresive, but you would never no it from watching...the rule is NO FIGHTING in the kennels



Did a nice 8 dog pack walk of 4 miles yesterday, had a couple of new dogs in the pack and they did great, we took a quick stop in front of a cemetery as a gentle reminder that 5 million dogs are killed a year for senseless behavior problems that could be fixed with exercise and household mgmt


Big man on campus Brady is coming along well with his obedience training,


Bernard keepin the look out for any stray dogs that need training, great job Bernard, bring in some business...well not for a few weeks, we are booked solid, so take reservations