Broken down van

Today is wednsday, I had to bring my van in to the shop on Monday, so I was vanless for 3 days, I had to reschedule all of my on the road clients, but I always have plenty of dogs on the property to train. Major work with the engine, exhaust and drivetrain...oh is back....and I will be back on the road at 6:15am the meantime, lots of pictures to update you with


okay listen, the sun is shining on the whole area, no need to be so crowded, today was such a nice sunny day, the dogs enjoyed the free time


all of the dog are out mixed together, both large and small, boy and girl, fixed and not fixed, shy and aggressive


Murphy came in yesterday for a nice little 2 week board and train and is doing well his first day


Bennie enjoying some treadill working out, he is doing well with his training and has calmed down in a short period of time


With 3 treadmills in one of the training areas, all dogs get an incredilbe amount of exercise both mental and physical every single day