Bring on the rain

I loved having rain today, it washed away so much of the winter mess that we have, the dogs got lots of work both inside and outside today, double time on the treadmills

Murphy, Maxine and Kobe working on obedience inside the house. remember we do not use food for our training system at all


Jabba and Kobe in Place, Kobe is one of the most dog social dogs that we have ever had on the property


Kobe and Maxine in Place outside, Maxine is about 16 weeks this week



Jabba working on his distraction training, he will be moving to NYC with his owner and we need to make him bombproof to every distraction


Ronan in a downstay while Rossy does some scooter distraction work....Ronan is up for adoption


Bowie is just happy to be living with us for 4 weeks while his owner is traveling

Kobe rocking out in Place command, one of the issues that he came to us was being very skittish around everyone, only a little progress was made on that in the 2 weeks that he was here. I will talk about this on my radio show tmrw, on how to get a dog from not being so fearful. It is a long process...