Electric Collar Training

I was not able to go to NYC this weekend, some issues with my van kept me from driving any long distances, so instead I got lots of kennel work done and had a nice off leash training session at the beach with a pack of 5 dogs. With all of the books and "positive" trainers telling you how bad and punishing using electric collars are I wonder if any of them have ever used them or even seen them used? I can't imagine someone not wanting to have there dog run off leash for 75 minutes on a beach and have the dog come back 100% fo the time over 25 times, no matter what the distraction is.

once getting to the beach I put all of the pack into a downstay for about five minutes..all off leash and with lots of Real World Distractions going on around them

Roca enjoying the ocean air, does his I love the ocean air dance for all to see


Download now or watch on posterous

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we had an awesome time working and playing at the beach. when you hear about doing off leash traiing, this is what it looks like, allowing dogs to run and play, but expectiing them all to come back immediately  when they are called. We would do this over and over dozens of time meanwhile walking up and down the beach for well over an hour. I cannot stress what an incredible feeling it is to have your dogs 100% in control off leash. If anyone tells you that the dogs come back because they are afraid of being shocked or punished is just an outright lie., bordering on just plain stupidity.

the pack checking out the ice flow

and around the corner they come with Uma pulling up on the outside lane...


and out of the blue comes an Angel, no really this dogs name is Angel and came running out of the woods dragging her owner down a hill just to get to us.

Notice that when Clover comes onto the property the dogs are happy to see her but, the do NOT jump on her. at 5 years old she can keep a pack of dogs each one weighing more than her from jumping and so can you. just listen to my radio show, read my blog, call me for help, but do something today. it does not go away on its own



Berkley the b/w springer spaniel came in to the kennel today and is with us for some intense babyproofing as well as the basics..