Brown University and Solid K9 Training team up

I am doing a pretty intense study at Brown University in the Bio Med department. I am using Uma to do the experiment, over the next 2 weeks it should be about 30 hours of studies with about 100 students and 1 dog.

We are taking a bunch of baseline measurements ie: blood pressure, heart rate before during and after the 10 minutes for each student. Brown has there own needs and data that they need, mine is just to show furhter proof that if you present a calm dog to a human the dog can calm the human down, therefore by training dogs to be calm in a crazy busy world they can do true therapy work.


Uma and I ready for 8 hours of experiments at Brown University Bio Med department


Uma working her magic


Uma is not tired, lazy, sad, depressed or on drugs, she is a highly trained dog that understands her task for the day, and that is to be calm no matter who or what is going on. She takes her signals from me even when I do not give her a verbal command. Uma and I are able to communicate with just energy.


Uma was wonderful and so were the dozens of test subjects the first day...