Japan we are thinking of You

What a terrible tragedy has happened in Japan, and sharing the newsline is also the wars around the world, aren't enough people dying around the world without war. Don't we have a better way to spend our tax dollars on making our counties better from within no matter which country we live in and then have enough left over to help other countries that actaully need our help and not dump money into countries into them because we want something in return.



After delivering a dog up in Marion MA I took some of my dogs into the bay for a quick swim



Jabba who came to us very dog and people aggressive spent 45 minutes in a downstay while Clover and Romy did some playing with their toys, He goes back to NYC this week, and I am feeling quite confident that we have communicated with him that lunging, biting and growling at dogs and kids is just not appropriate.



Today we did some off leash recall work at the beach with a 5 dog pack

IMG_0451.MOV Watch on Posterous

If you have not experienced off leash recall training, this is what it looks like, if you think that electric collars are mean and abusive, take a loot at this video. every dog has one on, since all dogs came back after the first HERE I did not have to use the collar on anyone, Electric collar training is a LAYERING system of training, the dogs already understand the command and it is just used in case they decide to not listen, I use it as a gentle reminder as to what the dog is supposed to be doing. It will save the dogs life one day.



Ronan had a great time at the beach today, running in the sand, it is incredible to watch him run