I had  a great off leash training session today with a client who has 3 dogs, he always wanted to take his dogs off leash, and not only that but his dogs did not get along with other dogs. So today not only did we go off leash we also did it with 3 of my dogs, so today was a nice 6 dog off leash session.

pictures from today, it was a great time


Maxine rocking out the downstay outside in the kids playyard


Zoe has come along way in 2 weeks


Remy and Zoe having fun, train hard and play hard


Dylan and Punkin in place


Hunter had some pretty intense issues prior to his board and train, not good around dogs, and not good around kids...so put him in a downstay and have Romy do some of her intense distraction training and we get some pretty good results


Gemma and Max working in PLace