7 dog off leash training

The big difference between a real world dog trainer like myself and the other trainers that train inside classrooms is I actually train dogs the way they are supposed to be trained, in the real world, what good is it that your dog sits or comes back to you in a classroom if they break command out in the real world it could be life or death of your dog, with my training program we create real life scenarios in the field and follow through with intense training in order to be prepared for any and all situations that will happen.



7 dogs off leash doing recall training over 50 times with 100% accuracy, I don't expect most trainers to understand this type of training, actually taking dogs out in the real world off leash without using food bribery, not that food would actually work in the real world, it does not, it should be left to the agility ring and the show ring.

Today I did a nice 6 day off leash excursion at the beach with a client, a great couple with 2 small dogs who I have trained on ecollars as well, all dogs did great, there were other people and dogs that were walking by and with my traiing none of our dogs are allowed to go up to any of the dogs or people that is the proper off leash etiiquete.