Cesar Millan and Jeff Gellman bond in San Diego

I just came back from San Diego after attending the IACP annual conference, yes this is the organization of dog trainers from around the world who loyaly believe in the system of dog trainiing that I preach about is an excellent way to train dogs and superior than traditionally food/clicker methods that are more designed for the inside agility courses and not the real world like I do.

It was a wonderfully time that connected me with some wonderful fellow trainers from around the world but also exposed me to some potential new partnerships for my radio show which peaked a lot of peoples interest.


Cesar Millan was an awesome speaker, very funny, extremely humble. He talked for over 2 hours about what he does and not once did he talk about dogs, heeling, sitting, downing or recall. That is because that is not what he does, he talks about our relationship with dogs and why we are having so many problems with our dogs. He talked about everything, from when he jumped the border of the US and entered illegally to where he is today. He was always amazed at the fact that when he first came to this country people actually used leashes on there dogs and they also talked to them. He used to walk 20 or so dogs off leash  and they would walk behind him and the police would stop him and tell him that he was not allowed to walk dogs off leash, but people who had dogs on a leash but were being dragged by the dog is allowed...



If any of you are familiar with The Monks of New Skeet than you will recognize Brother Christopher.


Jeff King, the winningest musher in the world, the 4 time winner of the Iditarod the 1049 mile race up in Alaska

Uma and Tyson hung out the whole weekend