Sunshine is fun to train in

Over the last week or so I realize I have not blogged, I was not able to blog much. What a crazy week getting ready and then going out to San Diego, CA for my annual IACP conference. No matter if I am at the kennel or not, dogs need to get trained and my wonderful staff headed by my Jon makes sure that this happens.


Remy shows Lincoln the ropes in the play yard, looks like a family is going to be taking him t the end of the week.mmmm...from a shelter in RI that thought he was aggressive, to my place for rehab and then to a family in less than 2 weeks..sounds like a play...



Shirley has become really good at finding a hole to settle into


Remy loves the sunshine today along with Shirley


You woke me up for WHAT?


Bailey (left) came in today for a 2 week board and train he has some dog/dog and dog/human issues that need to be adjusted


First day in and we start working him on all of his basic commands