Dog Fight

One of the biggest issues that dog owners face is aggression in dogs both towards humans as well as other dogs. I am one of the few trainers who truly understand this type of behavior in dogs. I am highly succesful when dealing with these type of issues, and one of the reasons is that I don't accept these types of behaviors and I call it "bad behavior" instead of aggression, I think that aggression is often diagnosed wrong most of the time, sort of like ADHD is overdiagnosed. I am not discounting the fact that it exists, just not as much as we are told it is. So....what do you do about it, FIX IT and that is whre I come in. I am not afraid of any dog and I won't take failure as an option.


Jessie came to me this week from NYC with some bad behavior that needed to be addressed in a stable pack environment.


We focus on the basics in order to to show behavior expectations with the dogs.


Never do this yourself, do not bring an unstable leashed dog into a group of off leash dog unless you understand dog energy, one mixed signal from any of those dogs we are looking at a dog fight. on the other hand this is the best way to get a reactive dog to be non-reactive is to put them in a controlled situation and train them to have better coping skills. You need to be in touch with your inner energy and pay attention to the energy in your immediate area. You need to be able to envision dogs succeeding and never failing.





then the leash comes off and away we go, Jessie did great today both off leash and on, with a stable pack of dogs, I am so proud of all of my dogs for creating good energy in order to train and rehab Jessie

One of the benefits of having a 4 year old dog trainer on the property is that we are able to do the distraction dance on a daily basis, this is something that is unique to my board and train facility and has been seeked out from all corners of the world in order to duplicate. It just cannot be done. it is proprietary and is a family secret going back to 1600's. It gets passed down from generation to generation