Seminar a success

I want to thank everyone for coming out to my seminar, one thing that I realized is that I did not have enough time to go into any one supbject in depth and that bothers me a little, so I am going to start doing some in depth videos shot in HD that I will go into everyone of my commands and philosophies and all of you can start archiving it to refer back to when you need to.



Clover and Romy love helping out in the play yard, just having their presence in the play yard and being around all different dogs and making sure they are not jumping up on them is a HUGE thing, if these dogs can behave around my children, it shows the potential stabilty of the dogs.


Rhody went into the pool for the first time and was a superstar, jumping in dozens and dozens of times to retrieve toys, swimming around like a champ

photos from the seminar last night, lindas chihuahua's did some great off leash treadmill work for the crowd