Canine de Mayo

Every day is a celebration when you work with dogs, just the fact that within minutes of you waking up you are surrounded by all different dogs at all different stages of training brings so much pleasure to me. We currently have 2 dogs with us that are in for 6 week stays.I love working on the transformation of the dogs, it is such a wonderful thing to see how they progress, not just on the surface but iinside their minds as well.


Joi in Place on day 2 of training


Scout, Joi an Rhody play during free time


Scout goes home today after 2 weeks of board and train, at 16 weeks old Scout is an incredible puppy


Rhody in Place while Romy reads to him, and Clover spins around in the chair, great distractions for a dog


Redman in Place while the kids play in their play room

MVI_5078.AVI Watch on Posterous



If it seems like there is always lots of photos on my blog of dogs in down/stays and in Place, why is this? well, the thing with dogs is that we as humans are always getting frustrated with our dogs for bad behavior, jumping up on us, table and coutner surfing, stealing things from trash cans and laundry baskets. Soiling and chewing up things in the house, barking at windows when things go by. Getting on the furniture and the list goes on and on, and how do we deal with this, usually by yelling at our dogs and putting them into a crate. Well this is not dog training and all it does is make us not connected to our dogs at all. So giving dogs an obedience command like the PLACE command or a down/stay solves and prevents most household bad behavior.