Webinar a Success

Wednesday Webinar was a wonderful time, the feeling I had being able to interact with my facebook and radio show fans was great. I will be doing my seminar every Wed from 9-10pm, eventually I will be doing additional nights.

You should sign up for my next webinar, at the moment there is no charge


above is the link that you can sign up and get information on my next webinar


MVI_5753.AVI Watch on Posterous

some distraction training


Sean O'Shea who came out from LA to do some filming of Solid K9 Training was with me for 2 days and went home last night


3 dog sit/stay in the play yard off leash


Clover and Romy are playing Lucy's Harp while Jack and Joi in a downstay and Sean does some filming, it is incredible what we can do with dogs with repetition and how we can get them to do commands with high levels of distractions


Clover and Romy run around while Mikey is in a downstay outside in the play yard


Redman, who has moved onto off leash training does not wear a leash on the property anymore, we can work him off leash, he has moved onto remote collar training and is doing awesome...actually a rock star