Kids attacked in swimming pool by pack of dogs

Though it only made it a little above 60 degrees today, the sun was bright and sunny and Clover and Romy could not wait to join the dogs in the pool, the dogs have been swimming for the last month and the kids ask daily to go in. So today along with 10 dogs they went swimming, watching the 2 of them with all those dogs, running around, playing hard, jumping into the pool it was awesome to watch.

It is so wonderful to wach the human/canine dynamic with Clover and Romy, they are so helpful in evening out so many dogs

MVI_5866.AVI Watch on Posterous

More video of how Clover and Romy stay calm in the chaos of the pool, the pool area is allowed to be like that since I can also see how dogs respond to that type of energy and learn how to learn great coping skills


A typical office scene, one dog on the treadmill (Joi walks at 5mph for over 30 minutes each time on the treadmilll) and 2 dogs in a downstay


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