Don't be afraid of ghosts

A great little video of Leila, doing a downstay with distractions. Anything going around the back 180 of a dog while the dog is in a down/stay is a distraction, so the act of me walking around the dog with a metal walker, sliding my legs and then having the metal walker go over the dog and then myself and the walker go over Leila is huge, she has been with us for less than a week and we are making some wonderful progress with her.





Clover and Romy working Leila around the 6 chicks





Mikey is doing a great job with the baby chick distraction training, the great thing about the chicks is that they are going to grow up around dogs and always feel safe around them






Everyone has time to train dogs, I always have dogs in a down/stay or Place while I am eating meals, this is a quick lunch/newspaper break and Mikey and Jack are in a downstay