Dog Walks on Water

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We see some pretty amazing things on our property, and today, Remy walked on water


This is Uma who will jump and land with the pool toy in her mouth, meaning she does not swim over to it, she lands exactly on it so her mouth hits the toy..she is one of my strongest swimmers


Romy brings over a freshly made wooden pizza with pepperoni, green peppers and mushrooms. I am trying figure out with only one oven mitt on if she was burning her self on the pizza pan, you can see Chance and Leila in the background in Place and at her feet out of view is Rex in a downstay


Chance in PLACE at the pool area, Place can be any object that the dog can go to


Rex and Joi in a downstay in the grass, the last few days have been in the 80-'s, we still have to work the dogs all day though, so we do all of our long walks in the early morning hours and then work on obedience during the day


Joi and Chance in a downstay


We actually have to knock out Roca 2 times a year, to groom and administer meds to him. Unfortunately this is the only way to safely get a muzzle on him and handle him. He was out for about 30 minutes before he came to.


Mikey in a downstay