Swing set masacre

So why do we train so hard, why do we demand that dogs do solid commands and nothing less than that. Why do I put up with all of the haters out there? Because I train dogs in the real world, in real world situations in order to be succesful in the real world once they leave me.

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This is rex doing an incredible downstay with a high level of distractions, Rex has been with us for 1 week, some people have made comments this past week on how nervous Rex looks in the photos. Well you may look at this short movie and say the same thing. Since I am a objective dog trainer and not a subjective trainer, I see a dog doing a awesome downstay without food, treats or any words used what so every. I see a dog doing a rock solid downstay while 2 children swing over him which is an incredible real world distraction, 1 week ago this dog was barking, lunging and showing his teeth at everyone in site.


mmmm...you can make up your own caption for this one. If anyone remembers the dog Luna who was one of my clients dogs that was killed after walking over a manhole cover on the East Side of Providence with her owner walking down the street with her. These 2 beautiful silver labs are her current dogs and at 6 months of age are with me for 3 weeks of intense off leash training work.


You go Chance, train by example, show them how to do a Chance Downstay


Just out of the kennel for some free time. It is incredible what some great pack therapy can do with unstable dogs, it can balance out a dog in a way that humans cannot.


Joi and Chance in a downstay with 4 kids  having lunch