Golf course Training

We did some great training at the golf course today with Maggie, who is in training to be the golf course goose chasing dog.


Maggie in PLACE which to Maggie during working hours is the seat of the golf cart, she can sit, down, or stand on the seat, but she cannot come off until she is told to, this way she will not just jump off the cart when any of the golf course equipment is passing, other golf carts or any other distractions.


Maggie started working on off leash recall today and by the end of the hour, she was coming back on command and jumping up into the cart


Parker was adopted out this past week, i have been spending some time at his new house. acclimating him with his new surroundings


Clover and Romy take a break from training, to  do what I don't it dress up..not really since this is quite normal for them.