What's Up Best Friends

On today's radio show I brought to light that in 2009 Best Friends Animal Rescue in UTAH brought in over 43 million dollars in donations but only saved 600 dogs...why? when other nonprofits can rescue and adopt out over 2000 thousand dogs with only 1 million dollars a year.


click the above link to listen to this weeks broadcast of my weekly radio show What Would Jeff Do? is Best Friends going along the lines of PETA and turning into just a money making marketing machine that has lost touch of the dogs and the needs of the dogs.


Remy in Place while Romy has some snuggle time with Papa



Joi in a rock solid downstay while the garden gets some watering


While Madonna's Vogue plays in the back ground the dogs strike a pose



Yes it is hot, in the 90's today and we have to be very in touch with the dogs to make sure that we do not overwork them, with access to lots of fresh water, a misting area as well as a swimming pool and our a/c kennels we have a healthy balance for the dogs of work/rest and play.


Noel in Place, Noel came to us for a 3 day attitude adjustment session


Remy, not content on the dry kibble that we serve in the kennel decides to go a little cannibal on us