Dont play with dolls

The girls always have a great time working with the dogs, today was a special day where they had there American Girl Dolls involved with the training


I tried to explain to Tucker that just shake your head and look interested and the kids will go away.


doing some off leash work inside,


off leash outisde down/stay work...


Brady on the treadmill in my office, boy has to lose some weight, and get trained as well


eyes averted, hands to the side, stand sideways....ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION ALL OF MY FELLOW AMERICANS this is how you should be around dogs that you have not met yet...STOP going down to the dogs level and sticking your hand out while you are smiling and telling the dog how much you love him...or you will contribute to the death of 5 million dogs a year


Wicker in a downstay while we eat some grub


Brady with that "you want me to walk on a moving piece of rubber while you look at porn on your computer all day"


have you seen my contact lens


Polo going into the pool for the first time