Barb & Irv in Providence

I see my folks maybe 2 times a year, they live out in San Diego, CA and came for a nice 3 day stay in Providence. It is always great to see them Clover and Romy love seeing them and doing all kinds of activities with them.


My mom along with Clover and Romy playing will Polly Pockets while Wicker hangs out


Remy does one of his incredible dives into the pool going past Polo for a pool toy. Remy does this for hours a day.


the great thing about my property is you can see dogs connect with other dogs in a way that is incredible


We are fortunate to have a national known winery in RI and when the owners needed there dog to be off leash trained so he would not run off chasing any of the wild animals that can cross over the winery as well as stay away from the machinery and mingle amongst the guests properly, who did they call? of course...


There is an old dog training system (well actually from the 60's) called Tie Dye Distraction training, the concept is that when the dogs look at the tye dye shirts they are so distracted that you can then pet the dogs without worrying about getting bit.


A little bit of calmness in the pool for Clover, not sure why there are no dogs in the pool at the moment


Remy, I don't care how flat in the grass you get, we can still see your 200lb body