Fathers Day Massacre

So Linda left for Florida to visit her father, and after doing the radio show solo I jumped right into adding her responsibility, mainly taking care of the kids and chickens as well as laundry, cooking, cleaning.


Just thinking about all of that extra work drove the kids and I to Starbucks for some mini donuts and milk.


On Sunday I picked up Ricky from NYC yesterday left the house at 4am and had him picked up before the kids even woke up...head back to Providence, no worries the teenage kid was watching them....or pretending to watch them I should say...


Downstay in the yard, it is always great to work dogs in small packs, they help each other work through issues that they may have


Chance, Brady and Petey in Place


The girls had a friend over yesterday and joined them in the pool for a swim, and yes all the dogs are respectful of her, since that is what dogs on are property are trained to do


Romy keeping things running in the swimming pool area, for a 4 year old she can keep a pack of dogs behaviing


Romy loves to play with the dogs, she keeps them busy throwing pool toys in over and over again


My mom & dad were in town from CA for a nice 3 day visit