Akita happiness is dog training

We had a great dog come into the kennel this week, an Akita named Remi who is a mirror image of Roca but different colors, Today was the first day that we had Remi out with other dogs since the dog is not good with other dogs.


this photo is very important to look at, Remi (b/w akita) hanging out by the pool, Ronan (kengal), makes sure that there are NO issues with this dog, Ronan has the job of keeping new dogs in line when the kids are around, imagine a plain clothes security person keeping an eye on a potential shoplifter in a store, and that what Ronan does, Remy and Uma are going after pool toys since they can spend hours a day going in and out of the pool and in the middle of this is Clover and Romy playing in the pool and interacting with the dogs


Bogatyre in a downstay, He came in this week and is an extremely energetic friendly dog that needs to work on focus and obedience as well as calming skills


George is always looking for some action


Clover and Romy helped me deliver Joi to his home after a 6 week board and train and yes this is Joi's backyard


Uma and Remy love going after the same toys in the pool


why do we train our downstays so hard, well, when you don't have a leash or even collars on the dog and you have to stop at your mechanics and the mechanic does not want the dogs in the van, you have them come out of the van downstay them in the driveway of the mechanic and leave them there for 30 minutes while your car gets worked on


Remy and Romy playing in the pool area


This is total bullshit, how long do we have to hang out on this mat? hey, jeff...how about some swim time? hey, jeff, the new dog gets to run around the play yard, what are we doing over here?