Transformers thats what we do with dogs.

Well another jam packed day of training and rehab work for lots of dogs, the month of June has turned into the busiest month in the history of my company and I want to thank all of you for supporting me, I am also doing more and more rescue and that is plain and simple Karma working, which the dogs love, dogs don't care wether I get paid or not for my services but they all love the results.


Minnie came onto the property today with a host of behavioral and obedience issues that we will work on over the next 2 weeks


If you are following the story of Rio, she loves to work and we worked her hard today, she will most likely be moving in with my pack and get the rehab from them as well..all of my personal dogs sleep in a pack, they play in a pack and they train in a pack as well as travel with me a lot.


One of the things that we do is grooming table training, we work on cutting and grinding of nails, cleaning of ears and teeth, and brushing them out. we also do vet table training where we put on and take off a muzzle, use a stethoscope and check for heart rate...lift up the tail, (no we do not do rectal temperature)



Remi is doing great with the training program, he is holding his commands real well even with high levels of distractions


Bogatyre in a of the more unfocused dogs we have worked with....but has come a long way in the last week


I love how i have convinced the staff that putting the dogs in a downstay and then watering the garden is important training, my garden never looks so good, in a few weeks I will stress to the staff how important it is to put the dogs in a downstay and pick the vegatables...this is Bridget the newest member of the team



I brought Kendall to one of my clients houses today to help socialize their dog, Kendall took a walk on their dock to check things out

MVI_7908.AVI Watch on Posterous

A quick video of a training exercise that we do with dogs, this is Brady in a downstay with some pretty big distractions going on