Casey Anthony is the real Bitch

Wicker who is a 5 year old male neutered UTD Husky who is great with kids and adults, does not do well with smaller dogs than should be adopted by someone who has larger breed dogs in their pack.


Clover helping out with distraction training, Minnie is in Place and Bogatyre is in a downstay


Minnie has been doing great with her swimming lessons


Bailey came in with really long toenails and I couldn't stand looking at them any longer, so into the basement he went and we trimmed and dremeled them down and a smile came over Bailey's face..we will do it again next week


George and Minnie are a superstar training team, working the downstay in the yard


Rex and Wicker are both up for adoption and often will share a kennel since we have been so busy, they get along great and the sleeping in the same kennel has been great for both of their attitudes