Amy, you should have gone to rehab

I realize it has been a week since my last confession...I mean my last posting. Things are out of control busy, the kennel is booked solid and my 1 on 1 clients are booked solid, I want to thank all of you for spreading the word about Solid K9 Training, most of my business is from word of mouth and personal referals. I have been doing a good amout of rescue as well, in fact I am getting in 4 more kennels next week so I can increase my rescue dog intake. Every day I turn down dogs that I can rehab but I do not have a safe/secure place to put them. So I am taking over some of my own personal dogs space to put in some more rescue space.

I got a call at 3am  from a rescue in Brooklyn NY last week about a dog that was about to be killed, no one could work with it without getting bit. They heard about me from facebook and I had an empty space so I jumped at the chance, I met them in New Haven


This is Nathan and yes he is scared and no, not because he is with me...I love how all of the haters like to tell me how the dogs are always looking sad and scared at my kennel with my training. So all you assholes out there, listen up. Nathan was 2 hours from being killed, he is a scared and nervous dog that other people have failed to be able to work with. So unless you want to head down to North Carolina and spring these dogs that are being killed every day of the week, and start working with them, really working with them. Not just warehousing them, giving the hugs and kisses, feeding them treats and carrying them around. Unless you are to sacrifice your sleep, your bank account, your relationships with your family, you can go fuck yourself and don't tell me how to rehab.



24 hours into his training, the energy in Nathan is moving to a direction that we like


Uma is great at helping unstable dogs even out, Nathan hangs out in Place in my office to start getting a baseline of commands, when working with unstble dogs it is so important that you train dogs calming skills in order to be able to start changing the energy in our dogs

All dogs need



I love my clients, I work with so many different breeds of dogs, so many different owners, but they are all the same, they all want to be better in control of their dogs


Rio was adopted out, after almost 4 weeks of hardcore training and rehab, this wonderful dog that was flown out from California to be worked with has found a  great home


Mercedes is a 6 month old GSD with lots and lots of energy, that needs to be channeled and tunred into good


Cleo, Lexi and Brady all in place, all doing great with training


Deacon working on his downstay the first day of training


Mercedes and Brady in a downstay in my office while I get some computer work done


Part of Clover and Romy's morning chores are to wake up and feed and water the chickens


Cleo and Lexi getting some great work done at the kennel


Henry has the habit of  not listening to her owner and has the strange concept that little dogs are tasty treats



Working with a client in East Greenwich, on our downstays with lots of real world distractions

IMG_1899.MOV Watch on Posterous

Just a quick video of a downstay exercise, you will see my clients do a walking down/stay where they barely stop and say down, the dog is not told to Stay, just Down, which has a built in Stay to it..putting dogs in Real World Situations, when the dog breaks command, the word NO should put the dog back into the last command it was in..which is down in this instance.


Humphrey just hanging out



Deacon is the new man on campus