Life changing training

Some great success stories are happening on the property, most of the dogs are all doing remote collar training and the level that they are learning is incredible. The skills that will last a lifetime are being instilled into them. It is so important that once they go back home that the owners follow through with the work. We need to redifine what dog ownership is. what is love, what is pack leadership



Deacon the GSD in a downstay is being a great distraction for Henry, who at 18 months old was going to be surrendered for biting every single human in his family. I am his last chance and within 48 hours of being on my property I am feeling great about his success, One of the things that we train dogs on our property is the meaning of the word NO, I cannot stand how most of the trainers on the planet tell you never to say NO to your dog...I find this appaling that a dog trainer does not want you to correct your dog...implying that saying NO is a punishment and you should not punish your dog..I agree you should not punish your dog, but saying NO is not punishment...this is one of the many of the stupid idiotic things that pure positive trainers try to brainwash the dog owning public with...So what exactly am I supposed to do with my dog that is biting me? oh pure postive trainer, you suggest I kill my dog? well I would rather teach the dog the meaning of the word NO and keep it alive.



One of the things that is going to dramatically help Henry is living in a stable pack for a couple of weeks, this will even Henry out and the other dogs will help guide him on the path to proper behavior, again so many trainers tell you that board and train facilities are not good for your dog, I can only speak for myself, our board and train facility is responsible for saving so many dogs lives because we are able to take an unstable dog and even it out.


Chloe and Lexi go home tmrw and have come such a long way..they are fully off leashed trained on recall and downstay and leash trained on all of our commands, they have picked up some incredible skills and I am excited about them going back to their owner and showing off their new skills


Chloe and Lexi in Place while Lupita is also in Place in my office, so when I have office work to get done, dogs can still be training


Clover helps Lupita swim by keeping the other dogs away from her. Clover is such an incredible force of a dog trainer, she is so connected to the dogs on a mental level


a client with 4 of there dogs that were never able to be in the same room together, let alone on a walk together


Deacon in a downstay with a swing being swung back and forth, we do this since we do not want dogs to be reactive to things when they are in command