Bites are part of owning a dog

I get bit a lot, today after a bite from a dog, i was thinking about all of the people that get bites and make a big deal about bites..I am not talking about rat or a racoon or a unknown dog, I am talking about your own dog. For some reason we have the kill our dogs because they bite and sometimes they don't even break the skin but we feel the urge to just kill them.

Have any of you every left your bubble before? have any of you actually skinned your knee? gotten a paper cut? fell down on cement, gotten hit in the head with a ball, had a sports injury, gotten a black eye? a cut lip? have any of you gone hiking and gotten a blister? did you go back into your bubble? or did you wake up the next day and do it again?


this was from today, a small bite the size of a quarter, I was cutting a dogs nails, it objected and I got bit, dogs have been sent to gas chambers for worse than this...personally if my dog did this too me every day I would not kill the dog..I might wear gloves often, but I would not kill the dog...well how about if your dog bit you once a week, once a month, once a year? would you kill your dog. How about if your dog bit you but did not break the skin? just grabbed onto a piece of clothing, would you kill your dog? Well how about if you just thought your dog might bite you? would you send your dog to the gas chamber or give it away?

I stand here today to tell you, i will let any of your dogs bite me every single day, if that means I can save its I don't expect you to since you are not a dog trainer but a dog owner....but lets stop making a bite a death sentence in our dogs...all of my toe nails have fallen off due to the backpacking and  rock climbing, they have grown back and I would let them fall off again to enjoy the backpacking I experienced with my kids.


Henry has a nice little problem of biting, big resource guarder around lots of things, sponges, bones, bottle caps not only do we train dogs not to pick up things that they are not to, we also teach them the OUT command, which means drop the object asap, no discussion


working dogs all day long..


Autumn has been doing really well on the property, she lives with my pack which has been helping her tremendously


Roca doing what he does best, making sure the chihuahuas can play hassle free


downstays in the grass, all dogs need to learn all commands on 12 different surfaces, so that they learn that our command have meaning to them


Deacon was in a great downstay while a cat came into the picture and crept by us...Deacon did great


someone is feeling quite relaxed on the property