7 dogs/4 miles and lots of tongue

Had a great 7 dog 4 mile pack walk tonight to finish off the weekend with..


3 new dogs joined my personal pack tonight, Mercedes, Bowie and Autumn..

Autumn is coming a long way with her training, she jumps right into the van and looks forward to the next training exercise we do with her..


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Just a quick video while I was walking of 7 dogs, all on my left side, all in a pretty good heel, all connected to 1 leash


Heading to our pack walk area


Max, Kendall, and Uman squeeze Autumn between them to help her with confidence building, it is incredible the power of my pack


Clover eating up some steamed Clams, the girls has the seafood fever


Max, Uma and Kendall help out a 13 week old client learn how to run with a pack


Look at me doing my downstays


All I ever do is work with dogs, I take advantage of some down time reading the paper to work 3 dogs in PLACE, why not, when they go home, they should do this with their owners as well


Clover and Romy are such a big help when it comes to working with these dogs, especially with dogs that have human bite histories, like the one that Romy is petting


6 month old Mercedes getting some treadmill time in while I am getting some office work done


Downstay with Chicken distractions



Place command, we work multiple dogs in the same command, using the natural energy either balanced or unbalanced as a distraction


Just think about how easy life is without all the fighting...


Did you hear the one about the dog that took a dump as big as a basketball?