Forgive me father for I have sinned

I have not blogged for over a week.

I was having some issues with uploading my blog, not sure what has been happening. I have been uploading photos multiple times a day on my facebook  page. I also have been setting up Picture Gallerys on my website. the website has been revamped so you can actually make a donation to my rescue Jeff's Pack.



Clover and Romy with Callie, a dog from Newport that came to us for some good all fashioned dog training.



One of my clients has anywhere from 2 to 20 ducks go through their front yard every single day, so we were able to work on downstays with does not get better than a couple of ducks walking by

If you go to the above button,you can donate as little as $1.00 to my animal rescue



when I have some unstable dogs I need to do pack training and balance out the dogs, off leash work is the best way to get dogs balanced


Max and Uma went to the vet for their yearly physicals, this is how your dogs are supposed to act when they go to the vet office..under control at all times


the chickens are getting bigger and bigger each week