Come on Irene

My thoughts go out to everyone who had to deal with the latest Hurricane Irene, many of my current and past clients have suffered power outages and property damage.

We only lost electricity for 12 hours, we have a back up generator to keep our kennel running and did suffer any property damage, all the dogs were fine with the hurricane.



Uma coming out of the ocean 2 days before the Hurricane hit us, one of my most powerful swimmers. Uma will fight waves to retrieve a ball that is thrown out into the ocean


Plenty of inside training can go on even during a hurricane, Grace works on her Place command while Clover runs by her as a wonderful distraction


Romy is an extremely powerful pack leader, even dogs with problems with kids always behave around her..the energy she has is beyond enlightning


I love working with highly dog reactive dogs, the clients in the above photo have 2 highly reactive dogs and we worked through it in less than an hour, we role play the situation over and over again in order for not only the dogs to understand what is expected of them but also to have humans understand how to correct bad behavior


Chance and Markus in the Place command, we are constantly reinforcing and teaching the dogs on our property very basic commands upping the distractions each time in order to get the same results


Shadow taking a break from training


Clover and Romy walk around a clients dog in a downstay that has a history of charging at kids and nipping them